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Floor Insulation

Scott Drake 

Insulating Sheets

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Insulating Sheets
  • Premium Sound Deadening Insulation Originally Developed For Military Use In Europe
  • Extra Thick 2.3 mm. Construction Outperforms Leading Competitors
  • Material Excels In Insulating Temperatures Both Hot And Cold
  • Sound Proofing And Noise Dampening And Eliminating Resonance And Vibrations
  • Very Easy To Apply Self Adhesive 21 in. x 29 in. Sheets Form To Almost Any Contoured Shapes
  • Cuts Easily w/Quality Scissors Or Razor Blade
  • Ideal For Floor Pans And Firewall And Doors And Roof And Trunks
  • Not Affected By Water Or Oil
  • Used In Many European Cars And Audio Installations
  • Makes Old Classic Car More Comfortable To Ride In
  • Available In 2 mm. Standard Silver Foil 9 Sheets

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